OIBELOS Blauer Zweigelt von Gösing

It is an experiment with a bright future to cultivate red vines in vineyards around Goesing on sandy-clayey soils. Now we grow mainly Blauer Zweigelt and some Merlot, Cabernet & Co on vineyards with a total of 1,5 ha. Full-ripened grapes are selected, handpicked and destemmed. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in maceration tanks were the mash either is pushed down by hand every day or pump over with fermenting must to dissolve all colour and aroma components from berry skins. After fermentation berries are carful pneumatically pressed and the young wine starts its second fermentation (malolactic fermentation). Here excess Malic acid is degraded in a biochemical reaction.

Afterwards, a cuvee from the different varieties is made- the Oibelos. The wine is further aged in oak barrels. Maturation in the bottle makes the fine-structured, fruit-driven and balanced, which allows a drinking experience full of sophistication and wholesomeness.

Screw-capped with glass inlay and 50% wood content in cap shell

Blauer Zweigelt von Gösing 

A balanced, fruit-driven, wholesome and elegant red wine with refinement- a harmonious drinking pleasure

12,5% vol- dry- 0,75 l