The variety Roter Veltliner was probably brought to this region in Roman times. We started planting young and old vines around Goesing to reflect the whole potential of the Wagram region. Our own precious selection of vines with loose clusters and best berries was chosen in recent years and grafted on vines at the steep slope of BERG EISENHUT on red gravel.

Only the best and mature grapes from small-berried clusters are selected and handpicked to produce this Roter Veltliner. The must was spontaneous, slowly fermented in our stoneware vessels. The young wine is matured for a long time on lees. After the wine was drawn off from the lees and further aged in stoneware vessels on fine lees it starts to be bottled by the end of June. After the wine is ripened in the bottle you will experience an impressive, unique enjoyment for the palate- the wine shines through opulence and subtlety at the same time!

With natural cork

Gösinger RIED BERG EISENHUT Roter Veltliner 


Unique, impressive with great aging capacity

13% vol-dry-0,75l