Biological agriculture


Biological agriculture is regulated by law written in the Eu code. In broad outline it is forbidden to use any synthetical petroleum-based products like conventional fungicides or fertilizer. Therefore, our wine and other products do not contain any alarming residues.

We had and still have constantly the opportunity to expand and fuse our lands. This way we are able to create larger biotopes that are clearly different to a monotone wine landscape. The sites around Goesing, which are smaller in scale, are perfect for this initiative. We are cultivating all our lands biodynamical and just use compost as fertilizer that is made from manure, grape marc and biodynamic preparations.

Fertility of our soil

We are looking at our farm as a complex single entity. With the help of dynamised manure from ruminant animals and different essences of medicinal herbs we are preparing our compost and stimulate the living organisms of the soil like microorganisms, earthworms etc. It is true that good vines are full of soul, character and energy and can only grow on vital and fertile soils.

We take every effort to work sustainable and ensure the vitality and fertility of our lands for future generations.