Our Philosophy

 To work and live with nature is our endeavour! We produce natural, memorable, and tasty wines as well as other products such as fruit distillates, fruit rudiments, sparkling wine. Our plants prosper in coexistence with a variety of other plants and species from flora and fauna. Since 1997, our land has been worked due to the guidelines of organic farming and is currently controlled by the state control authority.

What is organic winegrowing? Due to the EU codex it is legally controlled and means, roughly, that we aren't allowed to use any synthetic substances or pesticides which would be absorbed by the vine's leaves. Thus, our wines and other products don't include any serious residua.

Since a few years, we've had and still have the possibility to enlarge and arrondieren our land which is naturally of great importance to in order to create specific biotops and not merely to work in a monotone vineyard landscape. Due to the small-sized structure, the sites around Gösing offer best conditions. At Berg Eisenhut, we presently have optimal conditions for creating an ideal biotop on around 5 ha. land. This led to our decision to get involved in biodynamic cultivation which means to conceive our farm as a complex entirety and, by means of ruminant droppings resp. dynamised compounds and compost derived from these, to forward the vitalization of our land with its micro-organisms, worms etc., as well as in consideration of the influence of planets and stars, as really good, light wine with spirit and character can only rise on vital grounds. But this goes for any ground-grown fruit. We are striven to keep our land fertile and vital also for subsequent generations.