Our animals

Our animals

In the past, livestock and dairy farming has always been a crucial part for the survival of farms. Until the 1960s every single farm in Goesing had livestock and there were many…

The manure was a valuable fertilizer for the fields and the vineyards. Today, there are no more farms in our area anymore that produce dairy or keep some livestock. This is mainly caused by the decline of farming in general.

The manure

In the moment we have a coop where quite a few chickens live. Most of the manure that we need comes from a horse keeper and some cattles in our area. This is mixed with our pressed grapes and organic charcoal and pressed grape marc to create our compost.

To ensure high fertility and biodiversity of our soil we are thinking about a livestock with a traditional breed of cattle. The manure of free-range cattle would process compost quality. Nevertheless, planning of this project needs to be refined before it can be put into practice.

The job of our cats should be the hunt of mice as thay quite enjoy our seeds. Unfortunately, they prefer sleeping inside where its warm and cosy…