Riesling vines are grown on poor and sandy Loess soils on terraces that are located around Goesing. Grapes were picked by hand and after a longer duration of skin contact pneumatically pressed and the must is slowly fermented in stainless steal tanks using our own wild yeast strains.

After the wine is aged for a longer period on lees, clarification is performed, and the wine is further aged in either stainless steal tanks or large wooden barrels. In springtime the matured Riesling is carefully filtered and bottled.

Screw-capped with glass inlay and 50% wood content in cap shell

Riesling von Gösing 

Aromatic, floral and mineral nose, an elegant balance of fine fruit and animating acidity- once again a light and playful Riesling

12%vol- dry- 0,75 l