Our woodlands



We fell in love with the woodlands of our area. Trees are probably the most import factor for a good Microclimate including enough rainfall, which is more and more important with increasing heat waves and drought events during summer.

We were lucky enough to have the chance to buy some woodland on Berg Eisenhut, which is just next to our vineyard.

Our idea of woodland has nothing to do with cultivating monocultures of spruces etc. In the area of Wagram and on the lower parts of the Manhartsberg you can find developing mixed forests with a broad variation of tree species and other plants. With care we take out the old or sick trees of the population like acacia and oaks that we use to produce barrels as well as building material in the vineyard. The wood of pine, oak and acacia is perfect timber that was used to construct our bottle storage and numerous barns. Any wood that is left over is used as firewood for the heating system of our buildings.


Our aim is to maintain a forest that is full of biodiversity that renews itself and is useful for us at the same. Therefore, we cultivate a diverse spectrum of plant species to enrich the population. This woodland is highly important for our area with dry climate condition as it functions as storage of water and humidity. Our village is lucky to surrounded by such amazing biotopes which is the habitat for numerous bird varieties. For example, the eagle owl, which is a threatened species, uses the crown of the trees as breeding ground. Consequently, the mixed forest is an essential part of our diverse structured landscape.