Our Wines

The somewhat different, bottle-fermented, fine-pearled PET NAT 2.0
a unique young wine with class, wholesomeness and durability
an elegant, floral and bright joy for the palate
the new wine from a new fungus-resistant variety
the fresh, light, fruity and easy drinkable Veltliner
The fully ripe grapes from our terraces on the Gösinger Goldberg develop in the press where they are left to ferment and are then slowly pressed with our own yeasts.  After the fermentation the ext
the classic Veltliner, markedly fruity with fresh finish.
a fruit-driven and mineral rarity from primary rocks and limestone-rich brown earth, matured in oak barrels
a fine-structured, fruit-driven, balanced and animating sweet wine
a unique,macerated white wine from Roter Veltliner, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Sauvignier Gris and Traminer
a unique, mineral a fine structured Veltliner from primordial-sea sandy soil with great aging capacity
an impressive, exotic Veltliner originating from old trad
a light, crisp fruit-driven, mineralic summer wine
a refined, wholesome red wine full of character, mainly from grapes of Blauer Zweigelt
a mineral and subtle wine, Roter Veltliner is from our terraces at Berg Eisenhut with red gravel
a subtle white wine from the traditional variety of the Wagram region
an opulent, fine-structured Veltliner from vines with deep roots in Loess soil
a fruit-driven, fine, vital and playful Veltliner- from our Loess- terraces on Goldberg